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Welcome to the Patient Centered Medical Home.

We believe that the Patient-Centered Medical Home is a better way to take care of your health needs and to help you manage your own care.

Provider and Patient Roles and Responsibilities

As providers in your health care team we will:

*Respect you and your family values and needs

*Ask you to take part in your health care

*Respect your culture and use language you understand

*Help you set health goals and create an action plan

*Track the care you get from other providers

*Ask for your ideas on how we can improve your care

*Offer appointments at times when you can come in

*Explain test results and what will happen next

*Help you get support services when you need them

*Stay in contact with you as your partner in care

*We will give you evidence-based care

*We will give you support for self management of your own health

As a patient and partner in my health care team I will:

*Bring all questions I have to my appointments

*Tell you how I am feeling and how it affects my life

*Ask you about things I do not understand

*Help you create my action plan and track my progress

*Let you know when I get care somewhere else

*Bring a list of all medicines, supplements, and herbal or holistic products I use

*Fill my prescriptions on time, use them as prescribed, and tell you of any problems

*Ask for support services when I need them.

*Ask you if I need any tests or shots

How to be an active partner in your Medical Home:

Talk to us

*Give us feedback on how office works

*Talk with your care team about your health problems and concerns

*Ask your team how you can best take care of yourself

Take care of yourself

*Set health goals that you feel you can reach

*Do things to reach your goals and lower your health risks

*Join support groups with people like you

*Learn how to manage serious illnesses  

Learn before you decide

*Look at different treatment options, their risks and benefits 

*Create an action plan with support from your care team

 Be safe

*Tell us about any medicines, supplements, and herbal or holistic products you take

*Talk with us about any safety concerns you have

Click here for a video on the Massachusetts' Patient Centered Medical Home Intitative:

As a patient and partner in my

health care team, I will

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